Real friends let each other grow up.

—The School for Good and Evil

Agatha is one of the protagonists of The School for Good and Evil series.


Agatha is a girl who lives in the middle of the cemetery in their little town, Gavaldon, with her mother Callis and their bird-eating bald cat, Reaper. She lives a lonely life, for she and her mother were treated as witches by the townspeople.

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In the first book, Agatha is described as being a not-particularly-attractive girl, with boxy, greasy black chin-length hair, "freakishly" pale skin, jutting bones, ladybug eyes bulging on her sunken face and a "ghostly" pallor. She wore almost-exclusively black clothes, most notably a saggy, black dress, ripped stockings, and a pair of black clumps. After gaining more self-confidence in her appearance, she was regarded as beautiful. It is emphasized in the novels that Agatha has an especially attractive smile.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She is a bit of an emo. She is also humorous and wise based on the things that she says in the book. She is, of course, a true friend you can depend on.

Magical Abilities and SkillsEdit

Agatha has the ability to grant wishes.

In the first book, her finger glows gold, but in the other books it is said her finger glows more of an orangish gold, which matches Tedros'


She has a black, bald pet cat with amber eyes named Reaper.


Agatha had eventually developed a crush on Tedros and he also had feelings for her in the first book. He invites her to the Snow Ball as a date but it gets canceled because of Sophie's outburst of anger. When Agatha picks Sophie over him, his heart broke and their trust dissolved. In the second book she tries to make up with him, but he is too paranoid and breaks Agatha's heart (all Sophie's fault). At the end of the book they heal and kiss choosing each other, but, of course, it doesn't end like they would have hoped. Tedros and Agatha get sent to Gavaldon where things don't get better. They are forced to stay inside the house which resulted in many, many, many fights and insults. While on the trip to find Sophie, they continue to disagree with different things. But fortunately, after Sophie had killed Rafal, she and Tedros set off on their quests earlier than their friends to rule the kingdom of Camelot as king and queen. Although, their wedding was quite chaotic, their marriage is a bit complicated because of chaotic events, and some quarrels, they have still proved that their love would be stronger than any other force, or will it be?